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mini-ball™ Hose-Mate™ Valves

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dahl Catalogue



Dear dahl Valve,

Thank you for your generous support of George Brown College students! I am the proud winner of this year's dahl Valve Limited Scholarship, it means a lot to me.

Also, many thanks for inviting me to the awards ceremony, I really find this a joyful invitation for me because this is something, that I will remember for many years to come. Something I can explain to my close friends and especially to my family since they came to this country to have better opportunities...

Franklin Benjamin
Toronto, ON

I wanted to thank dahl Valve again for supporting the plumbing apprenticeship program at Conestoga College through the dahl Outstanding Student Award (I received it in 2016).  I also wanted to let you know that I have written and passed my final exam and I am now a licensed plumber.  Thank you again for sponsoring the award, it was very encouraging to have my effort acknowledged.

Brenda Egberts

“Have never had any issues with leaks on valve or on valve body at install date or several years later. Also never seem to seize after months of not being used.”

Clare Masse
Zurich, Ontario

Hello my name is Shane Letts I am the owner and president of Letts Plumbing out of Concord California I am a second generation plumber. Our company was founded by my grandfather a European craftsman from England. We have developed from a small family owned company with a simple two trucks to a company at this point with 15 employees. We pride ourselves on providing top quality service and with that top quality products. Our belief system has always been a very simple approach, Do a good job,provide...

Shane R Letts
Concord California

That dahl thing [E33-2386-A Skirted Toilet Kit] is great!! I had a customer purchase 2 Soiree toilets last year and he returned one because of that exact problem! I was sad! I will no longer be sad, I have printed out that flyer and put it in my TOTO book. I will simply sell a dahl, thank you! 

Sparks, NV

I had a total of 4 dahl 1/4 turn shut off valves installed including a set for my washer and dryer.  The valves are of very high quality and my plumber confirmed the same.  I had not heard of dahl prior to this and now I know it's a Canadian company that produces top quality plumbing products. They are fantastic and I highly recommend dahl.

Toronto, ON

I wish to thank the customer support team at Dahl for their continued assistance and always seemingly, “making things happen.”

John Jennings
Fort Worth, TX

"Thank you  for making a great product!  is by far a better product than the competitors. It has been 8 - 9 months since I switched to using  in all the homes I plumb, and I'm still glad I did!"

Todd Mayer
Arlington, MN

A photo of Brian Arnold, A.S.K. Mechanical Services from dahl Valve Testimonials

’s been on our trucks since we started this business in 1979.  They use the best brass in the business, their service is second to none and their 25 year warranty is phenomenal.  In 32 years I’ve never seen a valve leak.  A plumber’s biggest problem is callbacks to repair or replace defective products, and dahl is a 100%,...

Brian Arnold
Mississauga, Ontario

A photo of Mark Altman, M&T Mechanical from dahl Valve Testimonials

“We work in some of the finest homes in Toronto, and so I don’t play games with quality.  It’s or nothing.  people are all about solutions – just like us.  If I need a special, one of a kind valve, they’ll make it up on...

Mark Altman
North York, Ontario

A photo of Devin Carel, Anderson Plumbing, Heating & Air from dahl Valve Testimonials

“The quality of valves gives us peace of mind.  We’ve never seen one fail.  They’re competitively priced… for my money the best value in the plumbing business.  And great products like their long-shank laundry bibb, fulfill needs like nobody else can. ...

Devin Carel
San Diego, CA

“We’ve used for 10 years because of reliability.  If a valve installed out of sight starts leaking, it could be months before it’s noticed.  That’s a disaster.  quality is so good after 10 years we haven’t seen a leaker.  We run 60 trucks, so I figure ...

Bill Haws
San Diego, CA

A photo of Tim Paris, Paris Plumbing from dahl Valve Testimonials

“To me, valves are perfect… priced right, easy to work with, and they never leak.  Their 3-way Universal Tee is awesome, particularly under a kitchen sink.  And I just started using the dahl-in-One Emergency Valve Kit.  It really is like having 500 valves in one box, and it’s already saved me three extra trips to the supply house.  ...

Tim Paris
Seattle, WA

A photo of Jeff Norris, Sound Plumbing & Heating from dahl Valve Testimonials

“I’ve used for 15 years without a single problem.  They’re heavy-duty valves that are easy to sell.  I just hand my customer an old valve I’m replacing and a new valve, so they can feel ’s...

Jeff Norris
Bothell, WA

A photo of Ted Higginbotham, Sawtooth Plumbing & Heating from dahl Valve Testimonials

“My business lives on its reputation, so we only install premium products like .  We work on expensive homes in Sun Valley for corporate executives and celebrities who expect the best.  If something leaks, word will get around.  But valves simply don’t...

Ted Higginbotham
Hailey, ID

A photo of Barney Gidders, Gidders & Sons Plumbing from dahl Valve Testimonials

quality and service are both unbelievable.  I can call them and ask for a valve configuration that doesn’t exist, and they can build that valve just for me and ship it within 24 hours.  Nobody else responds that quickly, and nobody else comes close to Barney Gidders
Fairfax, VA

A photo of Roger Peugeot, Roger the Plumber from dahl Valve Testimonials "The quality of a plumbing fixture is really only as good as the valves behind it.  When discovered dahl, I knew I'd found a product line with quality that's equal to any other install.  dahl valves are solid, easy to work with and covered by a LifeTime Warranty.  Who else can say that?"

Roger Peugeot
Overland Park, KS

A photo of Vince Marino and Dawn Kennell, Vince Marino Plumbing from dahl Valve Testimonials

“To keep our journeymen happy, it’s or nothing!  They’re a little spoiled, because valves are so easy to work with, and so reliable.  We want our customers to have the very best.  That’s why our trucks start the day loaded with valves.”

Vince Marino and Dawn Kennell
Finksburg, MD

“The most important thing our business has is its reputation.  That’s why we always recommend premium products like valves.  All you need to do is pick up the valve to feel superior quality.  Every valve we install is good for our reputation, and helps our business grow.”

Don Caughlin
Manassas, VA

“Just a quick note to confirm that the bonnet assembly was delivered today just after noon  I want to especially thank you for the time you took to address my problem.  has been the best example of customer service that I have ever experienced.  And a pleasure as well.”

“I have been a Quality Assurance professional since 1986, and I’m a VERY satisfied customer.  I will continue to use your valves because of their quality, as well as your company’s customer service.”

“Wow, provides the most exceptional customer service I have ever experienced!  I will figure out some way to pay you guys back!”

“I was impressed by the quality of valves and their ease of installation.  It's nice to see a quality product, still made in Canada that only uses materials from Canada or the U.S.  Well done!”

valves are the best!!!!!!!  Keep it up.  It is so nice to buy a QUALITY product.”

“Thank you for your prompt attention to my problem.   service is exemplary in this day of ‘hard to reach’ businesses.  You have an enthusiastic booster for your company.”

“In this day and age, where we hear so much negative criticism of companies and their customer support issues, it is comforting to know that there are still companies like , with exceptional people and remarkable customer service.”

“Wow! What a great company!”