Dahl Valve Limited

dahl Quality Philosophy

Dahl Valve Limited visionary Trygve Husebye

was first incorporated in 1952 and Trygve Husebye purchased the company in 1960, and transformed it from a master distributor into a manufacturer.

The goal was to design and manufacture valves with unmatched quality.


Jannike Godfrey (daughter), Dahl Valve Limited President with Thomas D. Husebye (son), VP Marketing.

Over 6 decades later, remains a family-owned manufacturer true to the quality vision of the founder.  The second generation of the Husebye family is maintaining the standards that were set.  The company’s philosophy is that the premium quality of every Dahl Valve Limited product is a promise made and a promise kept.

Quality products and quality service are the only priority.

The commitment to premium quality is reflected in the lifetime warranty of every valve manufactured.